Best WordPress Hosting 2017 - Review, Ranking & Promotion

WordPress Hosting
After reviewed 50+ web hosts, we had come out a list of best WordPress hosting over the Internet. The WordPress hosting is rated based on the support of WordPress auto-installer scripts, plugins, themes, extended features, WordPress hosting speed, reliability and price.

There are thousands web hosts and the vast majority of them meet the WordPress minimum requirement, but like flowers require the proper environment to grow, WordPress works better when it's hosted with an optimized server. To choose the best hosting for your WordPress websites, we recommend you going with the following options.
Rank 1 2 3 4 5
Editorial Rating 5.0 of 5 4.0 of 5 5.0 of 5 5.0 of 5 4.5 of 5
Customer Rating 1258 votes 345 votes 1086 votes 537 votes 251 votes
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Regular Price $7.99/mo $10.95/mo $5.99/mo $8.99/mo $6.95/mo
Discounted Price $2.95/mo $3.82/mo $2.95/mo $1.95/mo $3.95/mo
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Best WordPress Hosting 2018

InMotion has convinced thousands of WordPress hosting users and tons of communities for the great reliability and speed backed by the exclusive technologies, advanced facilities, and responsive technical support with 90-second answer time. Even the cheap Launch plan includes enhanced hosting features and value-adding services such as easy WordPress installation, WordPress site migration from another host or, WordPress site loading speed optimization and WP-CLI.

Starting at $2.95/mo only, with 90 days full refund guarantee, the purchase with InMotion is totally risk-free and worry-free. This is the reason why they have been awarded as the best WordPress hosting provider at a large number of review sites since 2006.

Why They're the Best WordPress Hosting

The WordPress hosting are rated by the following particular checkpoints, besides the features above.
  1. Auto Install - WordPress is well known for its easy installation. If you're not experienced in the technical skill, you may be still in trouble on uploading WordPress files, WordPress configuration, MySQL configuration, themes and plugin configuration. Some web hosts offer application (e.g. Fantastico) in their cPanel or Plesk control panel that it can automatically setup WordPress for you within minutes. And with the help of auto installer, the further upgrade is automatic also.
  2. Plugins, themes, extended features - WordPress provides some common features and limited themes by default. But no one likes to have a private or business blog with completely the same theme as others. Some web hosts integrated with plenty of themes and plugins, which win the higher score in our ranking basically. E.G InMotion Hosting integrates 1112 themes that you can find your best favorite easily by colors, layouts, features and subject.
  3. Affordability - the main consideration for most of bloggers whoever intends to have a private or business weblog based on our survey. So the cost effective is another of our main ranking factors. The cost effective WordPress hosting means that you can pay less money but having a reliable shared we host with a strong technical support team background. E.G. BlueHost is the good example here. This is the reason why it's the award-winning company even recommended by
  4. WordPress Experience - for which reason is WordPress experience imperative? If the web host you exercise possesses no former information of WordPress, they may not have the capacity to help you scheme the road round it. So we consider this point in the review, you can enjoy an enhanced experience with our recommendations.
  5. Fast Response - this is a must-have feature. When you confront with an handing matter, the responsive technical support helps you save the downtime and traffic. This list of best WordPress hosting companies all provide 24x7 US-based technical support via telephone, live chat, email and ticket system.

What's WordPress Hosting

WordPress is the most hot blogging software powering millions websites. WordPress is quite easy to create a website or blog because of the visual and easy-to-use interface. There are over thousands free WordPress themes and plugins that the webmasters can use to easily customize their websites.

Generally, all web hosting plans can support WordPress naturally as the WordPress doesn't need any special components in the hosting system, including both Linux and Windows platform. In this case, Linux web hosting plans are certainly the best choice because they're averagely 40% cheaper than Windows web hosting plans in the industry. We used the following points to review and rate WordPress hosting plans based on Linux platform and we hope that you can take care of them for the decision as well.
  • WordPress Experience of the hosting provider. The easiest way to check it is to have a live chat or phone call with the sales/technical support team of that company asking some questions about WordPress.
  • WordPress Installation - it's important whether the control panel integrates with WordPress installation scripts that you can easily setup the website by only clicks.
  • Fast Response - the speed of the customer support response. This is important when you have some problems on your website. The fast-response hosts can get your website backup quickly and limit your lost maximally.
  • WordPress Themes and Plugs - some hosts provide rich themes and plugs that their users can easily customize a completely different website over the internet.

WordPress Hosting Compatibility

Written in PHP and backed by MySQL database, WordPress normally requires a PHP version of 4.3 or even greater, MYSQL version 4.1.2 or even greater, and the mod rewrite Apache module. Almost web hosting plans can meet such an environment. However, if you want your site to run more securely and smoothly, it’s better to choose a WordPress hosting with the most up-to-date stable releases of PHP, MySQL, and Apache.

Most of the web hosts meet these requirements, but it is advisable to look at other factors which are relatively helpful with regards to WordPress web hosting, such as the Operating System, PHP memory_limit, suPHP, etc.
  • Although the PHP, MYSQL and Apache run in a very smooth manner in the Windows, it is wiser to use Linux since it is undoubtedly the best.
  • PHP memory_limited is suggested to be set over 64 MB, ensuring that a wide variety of purposes.
  • PHP should run as suPHP to crease security.
  • The Apache mod_rewrite 2 modules should be installed to support URL customization and for better SEO.

Best WordPress Hosting Enhanced Features

Highlighted FeaturesThere are plenty of features in common among thousands of web hosts, but these are rarely offered enhanced features - extremely friendly to a WordPress site owner.
  1. Daily (or weekly) backup - If your database or site is destroyed, the backup helps you quickly restore the site from the damage.
  2. 24/7 server monitoring – If the web host monitors your server 24 hours a day and seven days a week for the entire attacks or problems, you can be assured for the site security and performance.
  3. SFTP (SSH file transfer protocol) & SSH (secure shell) - utilize a web hosting plan that you could need to encrypt a mainframe.

Different Types of WordPress Hosting

The high popularity of WordPress makes it available on various types of hosting platforms. Numerous web hosts currently release special WordPress hosting plans to cover as many WordPress users' demands as possible. In summary, there are five types of WordPress hosting, including Free, Shared, VPS, Dedicated Server, and Managed hosting. In below, we will give an in-depth explanation on them one after another. Which you should use depends on your own needs and requirements.

Free WordPress Hosting

There are some groups and online forums offering free WordPress hosting service. But as the groups and companies still need to make profits to get their business expanded, free WordPress hosting often runs in the "freemium" business model. It means that you can get the basic service freely, while you have to put up with the banner ads and attribution link in the footer of the site.

The biggest defect of having a free WordPress hosting is the unreliability. Expect that once the provider stops offering the free hosting, you are left hanging up all hours. Also, don't expect good technical support or sufficient resources with this free offer due to the limitation of the providers' expense. Hence, you'd better think twice before using this type of hosting service to power a blog.

Shared WordPress Hosting

This is the most affordable and common type of WordPress hosting mostly used by starters or beginners. Namely, using shared hosting, webmasters host their websites on a server that also serves for hundreds or thousands of other websites. That means, people share the total cost of a single server, which results in that hosting companies can offer their services at a low rate.

Although almost all hosting providers claim unlimited resources, there is indeed no absolutely unlimited thing. As many web hosts set strict limits on resource usage, you will be suspended or even locked if you overuse the server resources. And more, you are probably required to upgrade the current account, or your site's overall performance will be badly affected. Shared hosting is a suitable option for small projects and businesses.

WordPress VPS Hosting

With a Virtual Private Server (VPS), people are able to use a portion of resources on a dedicated server without sharing with anyone else, which is the main difference between VPS and shared hosting. Because of dedicated allocation, they need to pay more fees than in shared hosting. Besides, a VPS hosting plan usually includes reselling features, so those who use this kind of product are allowed to further resell their resources to clients.

VPS hosting is often used by bloggers with medium-sized websites, web developers and online store owners to scale their websites. It is also a good option even for non-technical people, as some WordPress web hosts offer managed VPS service in which they manage all system updates and are always available to lend a helpful hand.

WordPress Dedicated Server Hosting

With a dedicated server, people have full supervision on the server, including the choice of running scripts, operating system, security, etc. People who don't have related experience in employing a server can turn to a managed dedicated server which is managed and monitored by the hosting provider.

Dedicated server is the most costly choice for hosting WordPress because you need to afford a whole server. The price of a managed server even includes the fees for monitoring, technical support, and some other advanced services. However, the benefit is that the websites on the server would never be affected or even attacked due to the faults of other websites. This type of hosting is fit for blogs and businesses having huge traffic.

Managed WordPress Hosting

With managed hosting, all things you need to do is to focus on how to grow your business or blog. This type of WordPress hosting is really hassle-free because you do not have to deal with caching, optimization and the security of your site. The provider worries about all these issues. Usually built on the VPS or dedicated server platform, managed WordPress hosting may charge more fees than an ordinary virtual private server or dedicated server.

What is WordPress

WordPress is an open source website builder and content management system that is written in PHP and stores data using MySQL. Developed since the year of 2003 with the principle of simplicity, it is probably the most popular blogging tool at present. Check some great highlights of this tool in the following.
  • It is free to download and to utilize for website creation.
  • WordPress is easy to use so that you can get your website up and your posts published easily.
  • WordPress gives you a high level of flexibility that allows you to create any types of websites - blogs, photo galleries, online magazines, e-commerce stores and many more.
  • With the user-friendly and intuitive interface, you can manage your WordPress site without the harsh learning curve.
  • WordPress is optimized for better SEO, and is available for more than 70 languages.
  • Licensed under GPL, WordPress gives you enough freedom to modify and to distribute it.
  • Backed by a large community, you can ask for help from a lot of professional developers and users, as well as gaining the valuable experiences from them.
  • There are plenty of WordPress plugins and themes available for you to better optimize and to beautify your website.