Best Ruby On Rails Hosting 2017 - Review, Ranking & Promotion

Ruby On Rails Hosting
After reviewed 100+ web hosts, we had sorted a list of best Ruby on Rails hosting as the following table, which are ranked based on Ruby language versions, Ruby Gems packaging system, database engines, control panel usability, affordability, web hosting features and more.

To choose the best Ruby on Rails hosting for yourself, we recommend you going with the following best ruby on rails hosting services that they have been completely tested by our Ruby on Rails experts. You won't go wrong with them.
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Editorial Rating 5.0 of 5 5.0 of 5 4.0 of 5 4.5 of 5 4.5 of 5
Customer Rating 1258 votes 1086 votes 345 votes 251 votes 311 votes
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Regular Price $7.99/mo $5.99/mo $10.95/mo $6.95/mo $7.99/mo
Discounted Price $2.95/mo $2.95/mo $3.82/mo $3.95/mo $2.50/mo
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Best Ruby On Rails Hosting 2018

InMotion is an outstanding web hosting company among the few that support to host websites developed by Ruby on Rails and have accumulated rich experience in this area. They offer developer-friendly web hosting plan coming with unlimited features including Ruby 1.9.3, Rails 3.x, MySQL and PostgreSQL which are powerful enough to run Ruby on Rails websites.

This company is recommended by our editors as the best Ruby on Rails hosting provider also because of its great affordability for $2.95/mo. The shared web hosting plan should be the most reliable and cost-effective choice for Ruby on Rails websites with the traffic less than 200 unique visitors daily.

As mentioned above, InMotion is experienced, so the company knows clearly what Ruby on Rails users want when they are stuck into troubles. That's why they have a support team trained particularly for Ruby on Rails with knowledgeable support staff that know how to help.

Why They're the Best Ruby on Rails Hosting

These 5 best Ruby on Rails hosting are all reviewed based on the following particular checkpoints:
  1. The web host must have Ruby language version 1.8.7 or higher preinstalled on the shared server. The preferred Ruby verion is 1.9.2 which can smoothly sail the latest Rails 3.X.
  2. RubyGems is not the key problem as it's been a part of the standard library from Ruby version 1.9. If not, you have to consider the right version of RubyGems to launch your web applications. Fortunately, As the supported Ruby language verion is the key ranking factor for Ruby on Rails web hosting, you don't need to worry about that in the following top list that most of them support the latest Ruby on Rails version 3.X.
  3. The typical database engines for Ruby on Rails websites are MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite. The more databases are supported, the more flexibility you have for the hosted websites. Read about how to configure databases for Ruby on Rails.
  4. As Ruby on Rails is focusing on rapid development in Agile methodology, the web hosting control panel usability determines how easy you can deploy the latest websites. The strongly recommended control panel for Ruby on Rails is cPanel.
  5. The consideration of Affordability is also important to private and small business. This is also why you're considering to choose shared web hosting. We think the Ruby on Rails web hosting priced between $3/mon and $7/mon is reasonable.

What's Ruby On Rails

Ruby on Rails often shortened to ROR, is an open source web application framework for the Ruby programming language. It is intended to be used with an Agile development methodology for rapid development of Don't Repeat Yourself, and emphasize Convention over Configuration which lets developers write becautiful code.

The framework structure of Ruby on Rails is separated into various packages, including
  • Active Record - an O/R Mapping framework for database connection and access.
  • Active Resource - the framework for SOAP or RESTful based web services.
  • Action Pack - separate and streamline the response to a web request into the controller for the logics and the view for the rendering.
  • Active Support - a Ruby on Rails component responsible for Ruby language extensions, utilities, and other transversal things. It provides a richer bottom-line at the programming language level, targeted at the Ruby on Rails development. Read more about Active Support
  • Action Mailer - allows you to send/receive emails from the application programatically using mail models and views.

Why Ruby on Rails?

Ruby on Rails is a free and open source framework. You can use it for websites that are created by a wide variety of applications. The good examples include the social networking platform of Twitter, the discount site of Groupon and the project giant of Basecamp, all of which rely on this special framework for creating and managing the content. The first one uses it for creating the queuing system and the second example uses Ruby on Rails for the message system.

In the following, we'd like to list some main reasons as why to use Ruby on Rails.
  • Unlike PHP that is suitable for building up the basic and simple blog sites, Ruby on Rails can be an effective option for setting up the robust and complicated websites or the web-based scripts.
  • Ruby on Rails is concise and efficient, which allows you to develop the applications much faster and is the ideal option for prototyping apps concerning the identity issues.
  • The Ruby on Rails based applications can interface not only with the server software but also with some other network applications.