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phpBB Hosting
Finding a web host supporting phpBB is easy as this software is the most widely used forum solution, but the situation is quite different for selecting a good one.

Among the 100+ web hosts reviewed for this award, the following 5 web hosts win the competition, based on a series of strict criteria, including outstanding web hosting reliability, exceptional security, excellent performance, around-the-clock technical support, 100% phpBB compatibility, easy phpBB installation and management, and some other desirable advantages like affordable price. With the following providers, you don't need to consider about the installation, deployment, optimization and forum health.
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Customer Rating 1258 votes 1086 votes 345 votes 537 votes 291 votes
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Best phpBB Hosting 2018

InMotion Hosting is one of the few phpBB web hosts that are able to maintain a good reputation worldwide for more than 15 years, without many serious complaints.

Each phpBB hosting package of this company comes with a free 1-click installer used to install over 310 applications. Besides, InMotion Hosting utilizes cPanel which can make a big difference on the website building and management.

For some phpBB users meeting problems that are hard to solve, the 24/7 US based technical support team is here to settle all the matters effectively. Note that, the hosting service of InMotion Hosting is only starting at $3.49/mo with the promotional link.

What is phpBB

The abbreviation phpBB stands for PHP Bulletin Board, i.e., a bulletin board scripted in the PHP programming language. A bulletin board, also referred to as message board, discussion board, web forum, Internet forum or discussion forum, is a platform on the WorldWideWeb that facilitates (i) the creation of a virtual community of like-minded people and (ii) the interaction among them.

The popular phpBB is a high-powered, fully scalable, highly customizable and free open-source (i.e., no fees, no subscriptions, no restriction on modifications) forum software that can support a variety of database management systems, such as MYSQL, Microsoft SQL, PostgreSQL and Microsoft Access (via ODBC). With its user-friendly interface, straightforward administration panel and helpful FAQs, phpBB is the ideal free community builder for all kinds of websites.

There are some great features you can get from this script.
  • The exclusive template system can help you control the design, such as the color schemes and layouts.
  • The functionalities can be extended using different plugins.
  • The fine-grained SEO control allows you to manage the visibility of your site on the SERPs.
  • It is free and easy to use.
  • The rich features allow your users to make friends, join the groups and send private messages easily.

Why They are the Best phpBB Web Hosting

100% Compatibility

Available under the GNU General Public License, phpBB is a free and open source flat-forum bulletin board software that is written in PHP scripting language. The latest version 3.0.11 generally requires PHP 5.0.0 (or higher) and MySQL 3.23 (or higher), which should be ensured before installing the software.

In this case, these 5 web hosts have far exceeded the recommended system requirements of phpBB 3.0.11, as the companies come with the following features that are sufficient to guarantee the smooth running and operation of the software.
  • php 5.3.x, 5.4.x & suphp
  • 256 mb php memory_limit
  • mysql 5.1.0 or higher
  • apache 2.2.x with mod_rewrite module

Easy phpBB Installation & Management

The manual installation of phpBB requires the basic knowledge of using FTP and PHP, because the user needs to upload the phpBB archive to server, configure FTP permissions, and configure the web server and anti-spam settings by themselves. It is not a good way indeed for beginners unfamiliar with all the things.

In this case, the recommended web hosts eliminate the confusion by offering an easy-to-use auto phpBB installer which can automate the installation process and handle all the technique-related things. With the use of this tool, a phpBB website is expected to be set up in 2 minutes.

In addition, they provide all customers with full access to cPanel, with which the management of domains, emails, website statistics, security and the server-side issues is more than easy. After all, cPanel is the most popular control panel with rich features.


The phpBB hosting offered by these web hosts is cost-effective, starting at $2.5/mo only and coming with rich features:
  • unlimited hosted domains.
  • unlimited disk space, bandwidth, email accounts & ftp accounts.
  • 1-click phpbb installer & cpanel control panel.
  • the latest versions of php, mysql, perl, python & ruby on rails.
  • free advertising credits for google, facebook & twitter.
  • no hidden fees & money back guarantee.

Outstanding Reliability & Performance

These web hosts all guarantee at least 99% uptime for hosted forums. They use world-class data centers, build servers and the nationwide fiber network, and run the custom Linux kernel. All the data centers are equipped with UPS power, diesel generator and some other technologies needed to guarantee the optimal uptime.

Besides the excellent uptime, they also deliver fast server response and page loading speed. Due to the 24x7 network monitoring by a dedicated team of technicians and engineers, and the cutting-edge technologies like multiple 10 gigabit Ethernet connections and CPU protection, optimized phpBB website performance is guaranteed.

The Rich Security Features

Many webmasters hesitate in using this script due to the worry of the website security. This is because there was a wide scale of script injection attack a decade ago. But now, there is no need to worry about this. After all, the developers have constantly updated this script for the better safe and sound. Even, the truly quality web hosts like our recommendations also include rich security related features to effectively safeguard your website.
  • The regular backup service can prevent the loss of the valuable data and information.
  • The SSH and SSL certificate are available so as to keep the safe online transaction and data delivery.
  • The advanced server configurations come with the firewall, DDos Attack prevention and virus scanning.
  • The services of hotlink protection, IP blocking, IP blacklisting and many more are also available.

Around-the-Clock Technical Support

Technical support is always an important checkpoint for the quality of a web hosting service, and leading providers usually offers 24x7 US based on-site support backed by professional and patient support representatives.

In fact, the 5 companies not only provide around-the-clock support via various means like email, live chat and toll-free phone number, but also guarantee 30 seconds online response time and 15 minutes ticket response time on average for phpBB users, which makes them exceptional options for hosting phpBB websites.