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Perl Hosting
After reviewed more than 50 web hosts, we have come out a list of the best Perl hosting, which are rated based on the Perl support, general web hosting features, technical support and price. Not all well-known shared web hosts have been optimized for running Perl scripts.

To choose the best Perl hosting for your Perl scripts, we recommend you considering the following best Perl hosting services which have been truly tested by our Perl experts.
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Editorial Rating 5.0 of 5 5.0 of 5 4.0 of 5 5.0 of 5 4.0 of 5
Customer Rating 1258 votes 1086 votes 345 votes 537 votes 203 votes
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Discounted Price $2.95/mo $2.95/mo $3.82/mo $1.95/mo $3.96/mo
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Best Perl Hosting 2018

InMotion Hosting Perl hosting solutions have been optimized for the Perl scripts. In addition to Perl, this company also offers the latest version of PHP, Python and Ruby. As most webmasters attach great importance to hosting speed, InMotion Hosting offers Max Speed Zones to make a significant improvement on your website speed.

Recently, this company has released 57% discount, with which the Perl hosting solutions are dropped to $2.95/mo. Each hosting package includes $250 free advertising credits, including Google Adwords, Yahoo!/Bing Search,, and Twitter.

The 24x7x365 US-based technical support helps customers solve any question responsively via live chat, phone and email. And also, if you are not happy with any hosting solution within the first 90 days, you have the right to ask for a refund.

Perl Web Hosting Rating

The Perl web hosting rating and showcase is designed to help you find the best Perl web hosts whatever you need a cheap Perl web host for the private website or a reliable and high performance Perl web host for the business. All the Perl web hosting plans in the above top 10 Perl web hosting are truly tested by ourselves. All Perl web hosting here are proven for 99.9% uptime, fast network connection, easy to use web hosting control panel and trusted money back guarantee, at the reasonable price. In detail, the Perl web hosting rating checkpoints are listed as following,
  • Perl Support: which version of the Perl is installed in the shared web host. The latest version of Perl is 5.14.2 by the end of November, 2011. The web hosting providers keeping the Perl on their web hosts up to date is rated better in the list, as every new release of Perl including the critical bug fixing, performance improvement and new features.
  • mod_perl: not all shared web hosting support Perl well in practice. The called "Perl web hosting" is not only installed with Perl but with mod_perl installed. mod_perl is the marriage of Apache and Perl. You cannot leverage Perl for your hosting websites without it unfortunately.
  • Apache 2.0 or above: it's prerequisit of a web host been called as Perl web hosting. mod_perl is supported better by Apache 2.0 or above.
Besides the specific support of a web host to Perl, the reliability, technical support, and price are all checkpoints on rating Perl web hosting. Our editors don't only provide you with a list of web hosts supporting Perl but recommending reliable, affordable and scalable Perl web hosting for building websites from both short and long term consideration.

What is Perl?

Perl is a server-side scripting language. As one of the most popular web programming languages, Perl boasts text manipulation capabilities, a rapid development cycle and modular extensibility. It is best utilized in graphics programming, system administration, network programming, CGI programming, and in applications that require database access. Besides, Perl also integrates cPanel, Python, MySQL, Ruby, AJAX and SSH to name a few.

To start using Perl, a programmer must install a Perl interpreter depending on your operating system and thus, this can be installed on Windows, Unix and a Mac. The model of this framework starts with scalars and over the years, the system effectively has devised a way in order to provide a cleaner code in making web pages. All throughout, mnemonic identifiers have given way to cryptic encoding therefore deconstructing un-complicating matters for webmasters and website developers. All in all, unlike other packages, there is little need to use syntax.

Moreover, every new programmable language that Perl has can easily be downloaded in order to enhance a web page. If you have a website, Perl can direct traffic to your website by using the latest Perl CGI scripts since it helps the developer input a rich website for companies that market their product or E-commerce sites by adding a guest book, joining the mailing list, and even protecting your guestbook and email from spammers and robots. With a few simple tricks, Perl can do this for your website. It gives life to it since your website is interactive and dynamic. All these benefits make Perl a desirable web hosting plan feature. With a Perl web hosting plan you can run your CGI Perl scripts and use the web server's pre-installed Perl modules.

Perl helps you design your web toolkit within a matter of minutes and at the same time, it lets you re use the common page elements in which a programmer does not have to concern with the presentation nor the logic to be placed afterwards. A lot of praises have been given to this powerful tool throughout the years and it simply runs with a lot of updated operating systems on board. Perl continues to be interactive and has remained true to its form especially with in using the graphic interface.

Perl Web Hosting Common Issues

  • MS-style new lines
  • Incorrect Perl path
  • Incorrect file permissions
  • Incorrect send email path
  • Executing a CGI script from a directory different than cgi-bin
Choosing a Perl web hosting from the list above, these won't be your troubles on running the websites and Perl scripts. Again, the list of best Perl web hosting are truly tested by our editors.