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Magento Hosting
To select a budget company that offers the best Magento hosting service, we have reviewed 20+ well-known web hosts on their Magento compatibility, performance, ease of use, technical support and price. As a result, the following 5 web hosts have proved themselves to be the winners.

Launched in 2008, Magento is an open source e-commerce web application that is serving for more than 150,000 e-commerce websites at present. The software is powerful and flexible, but there are only a few web hosts supporting it in the shared web hosting environment. As the outstanding ones of the few, the listed hosting providers have many advantages in hosting the e-commerce websites built with Magento.
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Best Magento Hosting 2018

InMotion Hosting is a BBB (Better Business Bureau) A+ rating provider. Having been in the industry for 12 years, this company is specialized in handling the needs of all kinds of businesses, from a small online shop to enterprises. Hosting a Magento website with InMotion, the expert in business hosting, should not be wrong.

The most impressive part of InMotion web hosting service is the super fast speed which is ensured by the choice of data center locations and the utilization of speed-increasing technologies including SSD drives. InMotion owns 2 data centers located on the east coast and west coast of the US, with which every customer can choose a geographically closer one to gain fast speed. The Max Speed Zone technology, at the same time, enables the hosted websites to run up to 6x faster.

Besides, InMotion also has 3 upgradable web hosting plans which start from $2.95/mo for visitors going through the promotional link, 57% off the regular $6.99/mo. VPS hosting and dedicated hosting are also available at InMotion to guarantee that the demands of customers' Magento websites can also be fully met.

Some great benefits are listed in the following:
  • softaculous is offered for the auto installation of Magento.
  • multiple advanced features are fully supported, including python, ruby on rails, postgresql database, shared ssl & ssh.
  • there are up to $300 advertising credits for google, bing/yahoo, amazon, twitter and
  • all the plans include 90 days full money back guarantee.
  • the super fast speed can help Magento users achieve a quicker success.

Why They are the Best Magento Web Hosting

The top 5 Magento hosting providers introduced in this article are all carefully reviewed and have been proven to provide the best Magento hosting service that comes with a combination of 100% compatibility, outstanding reliability, optimized performance, easy installation, rich features, and award-winning Magento support.

100% Magento Compatibility

With servers running PHP 5.2.x, 5.3.x, 5.4.x and MySQL 5, these web hosts provide a stable and reliable hosting environment for Magento. Even the latest stable version of Magento and the preview version of can run smoothly. To ensure the optimal performance, the 5 companies also fully support multiple helpful features as following.
  • zend optimizer, which helps speed up the hosted websites.
  • 256 mb php memory_limit, which is sufficient even for dealing with large images.
  • apache mod_rewrite module, which allows transforming complex urls into simple ones for a better search engine ranking.

Competitive Price

The listed hosting packages start from only $2.50/mo with the most beneficial discount. All of the plans come with rich features including unlimited hosting resources and the support to various free website scripts and programming languages.

Besides, some of them are also packed with many favorable extras, such as 1 free domain name, free instant set-up, free 1-click application installer and free $100 Google AdWords credits.

Easy Magento Installation and Upgrade

These web hosts all offer a 1-click application installer which automates the installation of 280+ popular applications including Magento. Customers who would like to install Magento only need to log into cPanel and click on the icon of installer, and then follow the few installation steps. The process may cost less than 1 minute.

The upgrade of Magento is not a concern, too. These providers offer the latest version of Magento few hours after its release and allows customers to upgrade or go back to the previous install version freely.

High Performance

As the web hosts that are known for reliable and fast hosting service, these companies have spared no efforts in building or upgrading their first-rate data centers. As connected to locations all around the world with multiple 10 gigabit fiber connections, all the Magento users can rest assured that the performance of their e-commerce websites is well backed.

World-Class Technical Support

These web hosts claim to provide the fastest technical support via phone, live chat and email. They promise that customers could get a response from a real support staff within average 30 seconds after they send a request. The staffs are specially trained and know how to help.

In addition, they all offer a help center and a self-kept blog. The help center contains an extensive knowledgebase, a getting started wizard, a user forum and hundreds of video tutorials while the blog includes the latest news and instructions. Everything is categorized and easy to find.

What Is Magento?

Magento is a popular eCommerce solution written in PHP. It uses MySQL and MariaDB for the backend management, and calls for the elements of Zend Framework. The Magento company is owned by eBay.

Magento is powerful and easy-to-use. No matter you want to sell your hand-worked creations, t-shirts or downloadable products, it can meet your expectation. Besides, the rich features make it usable for all of small businesses, developers and enterprises.

At present, there are two platforms offered by Magento, which are the Magento Community Edition and Magento Enterprise Edition respectively.

Magento Community Edition

Powering more than 250,000 stores online, Magento Community Edition is a free open source eCommerce application suitable for most people who want to sell online in an easy and quick way. It includes all the features needed to create, manage and promote a responsive site. Besides, it supports dozens of languages and currencies. The local tax rates can also be managed easily.

Below are the key features of Magento Community Edition.
  • Product display: Upselling and related products, stock, wish list, image zoom-in, and product sharing.
  • Catalog management: Grouped products, virtual products, image watermarking, attribute sets, support for multiple price points, and inventory management.
  • Order management: Multiple invoices and shipments per order, customizable order status, email notifications, and re-ordering.
  • Checkout and payment: One-page checkout, guest checkout, dozens of payment gateways, multiple shipping destinations per order, and order tracking.
  • Promotion and marketing: Promotional prices restricted to products or categories, flexible coupons, free shipping, and polls.
  • Reporting: Integration with Google Analytics, and full reports for sales, taxes, stock, tags, coupons, searches, product views, etc.

Magento Enterprise Edition

It is a premium eCommerce solution tailored for large businesses. Besides all the features included in the Community Edition, this version comes with better support in configuration and troubleshooting, and more advanced capabilities. Below are some of the spotlights of Magento Enterprise Edition.
  • Customer segmentation, multiple gift options, and customer loyalty building tools.
  • Persistent shopping and private sales.
  • A staging environment with rollback feature.
  • Search improvement, page caching, and restricted catalog access.