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Community Hosting
If you're looking for a reliable and affordable social network and community hosting service, this is the right place. After reviewed 100+ web hosts, we had come out a list of the best community hosting as below, rated by the compatible social network/community platform, community hosting extensibility, reliability and email services.

To choose the best community hosting for yourself, we recommend you looking at the following best community hosting services, particularly, InMotion supports up to 24 social engines including the SocialEngine, BoonEx, Elgg, webNetwork, etc.
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Customer Rating 1258 votes 345 votes 203 votes 1086 votes 537 votes
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Discounted Price $2.95/mo $3.82/mo $3.96/mo $3.95/mo $1.95/mo
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Best Community Hosting 2018

InMotion is a reputable hosting provider offering various hosting plans. Here, we will focus on its community hosting, for which has been a new favorite to create a community on the website. Although InMotion community hosting solution is much more affordable than many other competitors, regularly, starting at $6.99/mo, now the 57% discount makes the price down to $2.95/mo, coming with 90 days money back guarantee and 24/7 award-winning technical support.

InMotion community hosting includes one free domain name, and $250 voucher for Yahoo!/Bing and Google Adwords. The Softaculous Script Installer helps to install multiple applications with a few clicks, with which you are able to create a community effectively.

Why They're the Best Community Hosting

The social network/community web hosting is rated by four main factors as below, besides other generic features of web hosting like price, speed, security, etc.
  1. Supported Social Network/Community Platform: most of web hosting companies providing community web hosting by integrating with 3rd party open source applications. Right now there is no company providing software-as-a-service model on serving customers set up their own social networks. So with more social engines supported, more flexibility for users, the community web hosting is rated higher by our editors. InMotion supports 24 social network software for free, including the famous SocialEngine, BoonEx Dolphin, Elgg, webNetwork and much more.
  2. Web Hosting Extensibility: it's well-known that the social network websites increase the users in a geometrical ratio and the social activities consume both the storage and system resources seriously. The community web hosting should not only provide sufficient disk space and powerful shared web servers but also should have the advanced web hosting plans for customers to upgrade smoothly, like VPS hosting and dedicated servers.
  3. Reliability: the reliability is the most key to the success of a social network website, rather than blog and content websites. Compared to the latter two types of websites, the portion of new users to social network websites are significantly low. The unreliable web host is not only preventing the new visits but also take the old users away.
  4. Scalable Email Services: the community web hosting includes the scalable email service with the sufficient email communication bandwidth, because the email service presents the important role for the social activity and people connection for social network/community websites.

What's Community Web Hosting

Community (Social Networking) software let you create a site with an instant community, which allows users to interact and share information. Members can create profiles, friends, videos, photos, blogs, events, groups, and much more. The community web hosting provides free automated installation of social network/community software, that you can easily start your own social network website by following the guideline step by step simply.

And the web hosting staff have rich experience on community web hosting support, available at 24/7. Besides, community web hosting offers more disk space and bandwidth rather than blog or content websites, as social activities are storage consuming.

Best Social Network/Community Software

SocialEngine is a white-label social networking website platform developed by PHP, that offers features similar to a social network onto a user's website. The main features of SocialEngine include administration of small to mid scalable social networks, customizable capability, multilingual capability, widget compatibility, OpenID authentication, Rating system and much more.

The stable platform is designed to give you the flexibility to implement your own unique features and layout. SocialEngine includes all of the functionality that users have come to expect: blogs, photo galleries, relationship, tagging, and everything else you see in FaceBook or Twitter. SocialEngine also keeps things simple; you'll find that philosophy demonstrated in the layout of SocialEngine as well as the well-designed backend code. New to Social Network and Community Website? Learn more about SocialEngine, then purchase a web hosting account from InMotion and get going in minutes.