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We named the best business web hosting providers by reviewing and comparing 100+ popular web hosts in the fields in terms of their price, features, reliability, performance, and technical support. Finally, we conclude the following top winners, which deliver top-notch and affordable business hosting for both individuals and enterprises.
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Best Business Hosting 2018

InMotion Hosting is an experienced company that devoted into business web hosting field from 1999. It is highlighted for offering upgradable packages, solid features, professional support and customized services to help develop the business presence effectively. Besides, it has wined a lot of awards for business class hosting service since 2001, such as the A-Rated Accredited Business with the BBB, CNET Certified service provider, the Best Business Host, Organization Member of Drupal Association, and so on so forth.

Its hosting is starting from $2.95/mo, which is 57% off the regular price for those going through this exclusive promotional link. Besides, it offers free SSDs, 400+ free apps, and $250 free credits, which makes the service unbeatably cost-effective in the field.

More importantly, it differs from the cheap web hosting on pricing through overselling, but comes with excellent features. It supports unlimited disk space and monthly transfer, multiple sub-domains and parked domains, cPanel control panel, PHP, Ruby, Perl, Python, SSH Access, SSL, and so on. All these features are powerful and redundant for the business websites.

Why They are the Best Business Hosting

Among the dozens of web hosting providers we have reviewed for this article, the listed 5 companies are the most suitable options for successful and easy-to-manage business websites. Below are the reasons of why we choose them.

Reliable Guarantees

Being confident to the service, these web hosts offer three kinds of guarantees to make clients worry-free and risk-free.
  • full money back guarantee - customers can ask for a full refund within the valid days without any questions. Among these web hosts, BlueHost and JustHost allow the 30 days full refund, HostGator extends the valid period to 45 days while InMotion Hosting and WebHostingHub even extend to 90 days.
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee - in order to ensure the online sites running smoothly and reliably, these companies guarantee at least 99.9% uptime for business websites. with the solid infrastructure, top-class data centers, and branded servers with 24x7 monitoring, they take the guarantee into practice.
  • fast page loading speed - in terms of speed, these web hosts should be the leaders in the industry. On average, the websites hosted by their servers take less than 1 second to load a page. The excellence should be the result of their utilization of advanced facilities and technologies including SSDs, Dell servers and Max Speed Zones.

Terrific Customer Service

The listed web hosts all focus on the business clients by bringing an unparalleled level of services and support. They offer 24x7 technical support to serve for customers via phone, email, live chat and ticket system. No matter what and when people have a question, they can freely contact the support teams for an efficient solution. Besides, support representatives are all friendly, knowledgeable, and professional.

In addition, while the reply efficiency is the core of the technical support, all of these web hosts make sure that you can get the response as soon as possible. We have calculated their average reply speed in the following.
  • BlueHost - less than 3 seconds for phone support, 5 seconds for live chat, 10 minutes for email and ticket support.
  • InMotion Hosting - less than 4 seconds for phone support, 4 seconds for live chat, 7 minutes for email and ticket support.
  • HostGator - less than 5 seconds for phone support, 7 seconds for live chat, 15 minutes for email and ticket support.
  • WebHostingHub - less than 7 seconds for phone support, 4 seconds for live chat, 13 minutes for email and ticket support.
  • JustHost - less than 4 seconds for phone support, 6 seconds for live chat, 20 minutes for email and ticket support.

Highly Secure Hosting Environment

For the business platforms, online stores or e-commerce websites, the hosting security is really important. After all, you need to make sure that your customers can deliver their financial or personal information to make online deals from your site without the need to worry about the exposure of their sensitive information.

In this case, these listed web hosts have done the following efforts.
  • Offer the SSL certificate to safeguard the online payment. While protecting the credit card information and the PayPal information of your customers is your top priority, the offering of SSL can encrypt the username and password of the financial accounts of all your customers.
  • The custom branded email address helps your customers to differentiate you with the hackers.
  • The website backup service will make the backup files of your website regularly. In this case, once your website is backed, your valuable data will not be lost.

E-Commerce Ready

There are a lot of scripts that allow you to set up the business sites with ease. For the quality business hosting providers, they should ensure the full compatibility with these scripts, such as Magento, WordPress + WooCommerce, Prestashop and many more. And surely, all of these listed web hosts have already done this.

How to Start Business Website?

Starting the business sites with any of the 5 web hosts is simply an easy thing, for all of them provide customers with the user-friendly cPanel control panel, website builder, 1-click application installer, and many more. Here, we'd like to take WebHostingHub as an example.

The Premium Website Builder supports common company website, blog and photogallery (for product showcase) that helps to
  • create a website from scratch choosing from a full set of available design and functional presets - pages and page sets, design templates, functional modules (including blog and image gallery) - which people can arrange according to their objectives and preferences.
  • create a dedicated blog site quickly and easily using the offered set of plesk sitebuilder templates.
  • create and publish photos and image galleries on the web.

With this premium website builder, webmasters only need 5 steps to publish the website over the Internet. Without considering the time spent on editing, it may only cost few minutes even for some non-technical people.

Step 1. Select Website Type

WebHostingHub small business website builder - select your website type

Step 2. Select Website Template & Theme

People can find a template fitting their business from the thousands and choose the preferred website theme.
WebHostingHub small business website builder - select your website template & theme

Step 3. Edit Website Pages

Then, they can customize pages for business based on a similar predefined page set, including personal, business, service business, blog, photogallery or basic.
WebHostingHub small business website builder - edit website pages

Step 4. Edit Website Content

Edit the website content in the WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) mode that it pretty like the editing in Microsoft Office Word.
WebHostingHub small business website builder - edit website pages

Step 5. Publish

WebHostingHub small business website builder - edit website pages

What Is Business Hosting?

Business hosting is a type of hosting service designed for helping small businesses get online and scale at any time. Depending on the size and complicity of your business, you may need a VPS or dedicated server to get your needs covered. However, most small businesses do not have to spend dozens or even hundreds of USD per month to get an online presence. There are much cheaper solutions.

Compared with cheap web hosting, business hosting is more expensive since your requirements on security, reliability, speed and ease of use become higher. A good business hosting package usually comes with:
  • The support for databases and application development platforms including PHP, Ruby on Rails and Java, which allows you to write or install scripts for applications like content management systems and forums.
  • SSL which is used to secure the data transmission on your site.
  • An easy-to-use web hosting control panel which enables you to manage the web server, install scripts, manage emails and do many other things without technical skills.