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AvaHost started its web hosting business in 2001 in the US, and one year later, the company began offering web hosting services to European countries by establishing a data center in Europe.

Now with almost 15 years' history, AvaHost provides multiple major hosting types including the standard shared hosting, VPS, cloud hosting, and reseller hosting. However, enterprise solutions are not available at the moment.

According to our surveys, AvaHost expanded its customer base quickly before 2013, but in the recent years, it has slowed down the growth and suffered a loss of customers due to the less competitive performance, technical support and web hosting features. This review will provide details about this to help you choose whether to try AvaHost.
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Editorial Review

AvaHost Speed Review 2.50 of 5

AvaHost uses two data centers. One of the data centers is located in Charlotte, NC, the US, and another is in London, UK. The company claims that they only use high-performance server racks purchased from Supermicro and Dell, and all the networking equipment is supplied by Cisco. Besides, SSD drives are featured on the servers for the maximum speed.

We started monitoring the server response speed of AvaHost in July 2015, and up to now, we haven't seen steadily fast speed. Sometimes AvaHost servers and networks are fast, but the speed is not stable, and at more times, page loads take over 5 seconds. The server response time could be more than 1500ms.

Below is a fraction of the monitoring results.

AvaHost Server Response Speed

AvaHost Reliability Review 2.50 of 5

Most web hosting providers promise a minimum of 99.9% uptime, but AvaHost is an exception. This company offers a 99% uptime guarantee and pledges a refund of one-month hosting fee in case they fail to meet the guarantee. Note that this refund is not covered in the Terms of Service.

It seems that there is no much difference between the two uptime guarantees. However, let's make it clear. 99.9% uptime means 43.2 minutes' downtime in a calendar month, which is acceptable. While 99% uptime means 432 minutes' downtime which equals to 7.2 hours. The difference is quite obvious.

Indeed, AvaHost is able to reach 99% uptime in every month, but they have failed to achieve 99.9% uptime like many other web hosts do. Here are the monitoring statistics.

AvaHost Uptime

AvaHost Technical Support Review 3.00 of 5

AvaHost provides multiple resources for customers to seek support when they meet troubles with their servers or websites. These resources include:
  • A US phone number & a support email address.
  • A ticket system in the helpdesk.
  • A multilingual online chat system.
  • A knowledgebase & video tutorials for cPanel, email management and website builder.
All of these resources are available 24x7, which means you can always get to a support agent no matter when you need help. However, attention has to be paid that the knowledgebase sometimes doesn't work due to unknown errors, and you may reach someone who doesn't speak English well on live chat.

Generally speaking, the support response speed of AvaHost is quite fast as most tickets are replied within 6 hours, and phones are always picked up within 2 minutes.

AvaHost Web Hosting Pricing & Features 3.50 of 5

AvaHost provides 4 shared hosting plans all of which are quite affordable. For each plan, there are 5 billing terms available including 1/3/6/12/24 months, and the price increases with the shortening of the term. For example, the cheapest Small plan is priced at $3.17/mo for 24-month terms, $3.68/mo for 12-month terms, and $4.2/mo for monthly terms.

Since the plans include the same control panel and many other features, they are actually differentiated by disk space, subdomains and the number of allowed websites. The detailed differences of the plans are presented in the following screenshot.

AvaHost Web Hosting Plans

Despite the differences shown above, all the plans come with the following pros and cons when it comes to their features.


  • cPanel web hosting control panel for easy management of your account and websites.
  • A 1-click installer supporting the auto installation and update of over 300 scripts.
  • RVSiteBuilder for the drag-and-drop building of new websites.
  • Unlimited databases, email accounts, auto-responders, FTP accounts and bandwidth.
  • PHP, MySQL, Python, Perl, GD Libraries, Cron Jobs, and .htaccess.
  • Full refund of hosting fees within the first 60 days.


  • Some widely offered development features like PostgreSQL and Ruby on Rails are not available in any of the plans.
  • SSH is not offered by default. To use this feature, you have to send a request by contacting the technical support. Besides, SSH is not accessible in all plans, so if you use the Small plan, you cannot establish SSH connections.

Better Web Hosting Choices than AvaHost 5.00 of 5

It is true that AvaHost offers affordable plans and many easy-to-use features. However, it doesn't do well enough in technical support, uptime or speed. Considering this fact, we'd not recommend this web host now.

Instead, the following web hosts are far better choices offering high performance services at reasonable prices, based on our standards of choosing the best web hosting provider. If you need more options, check the information about other good Linux hosting providers.