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Application Hosting
Application hosting is designed for you with demand to have a website over the Internet, in the case that you're not experienced or knowledgeable with technology or web hosting. It allows you to start blog, album, forum, e-commerce or web presence immediately after sign up a web host, instead of learning complicate software and web hosting technology.

Application hosting follows the model of Software as a Service (SAAS), focusing on providing services to resolve the client business problems rather than providing infrastructure only. Application web hosting helps your web business much easier, because you only need to think about the content, but not have to master HTML, CSS, programming languages, software installation, web hosting deployment, even some parts of SEO knowledge.

In general, application web hosting addresses your essential requirement for web presence more efficient.
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Best Application Hosting 2018

InMotion Hosting is an experienced hosting company consists of a group of experts specialized in web hosting development. They make every effort to release premium hosting solutions and make sure that every website is hosted in a reliable hosting environment. And now, InMotion Hosting offers 57% discount to price its hosting solutions starting at $2.95/mo. Such affordable price has beaten most other hosting solutions in this field.

The application hosting solutions include various hosting tools to make the site building much easier, such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, PrestaShop, Moodle, and OpenCart. And also, you can create and deploy your website with the help of cPanel, which includes all-needed features and integrates with a graphic user interface.

Note that, with the free 1-click installer, you are allowed to install whatever you want from over 400 applications.

Why Choose Application Hosting

The initiative of a user building a website is not for proving or practicing technology but for a specific demand essentially. The user may intend to write blogs, share photos, hold a discussion, sell products or service online, or have web presence of his (her) business. So far, the most of web hosting are bare and generic, focusing more on hardware and network but not the essential requirement of users for their websites.

Application hosting is user demand driven web hosting. Instead of providing users with a generic bare web hosting and letting them install their desired applications by themselves, application hosting is designed for the specific requirement. It's upgraded from infrastructure as a service (IaaS) to _software as a service (SaaS). When planning to start with the following website types, webmasters need to take application hosting into consideration.
  1. Blog: The common used blogging platforms includes WordPress, b2evolution, Textpattern and so on. To make the installation much easier, people have to choose the hosting providers who offer 1-click installer to install all those mentioned applications with a few clicks.
  2. CMS Based Website: Content Management System(CMS) is used to publish, edit and manage any web content. Thus, there are more and more people tend to creat their sites based on CMS. The most CMSs includes WordPress, Drupal and Joomla. When choosing application hosting, webmasters cna get those popular software effortless.
  3. eCommerce Website: Those recommended hosting providers all support the 1-click installation for multiple eCommerce software, such as OpenCart, Magento, PrestaShop, OS Commerce, Moodle and more.
  4. Forum Website: To start a forum website, the selected hosting solution should include the must-have forum software, like AEF, phpBB, MyBB, UseBB, bbPress, miniBB and so on. Once choosing a quality application hosting provider like what we've recommended above, poeple can install the popular forum applications with ease.
  5. Community Website: The application hosting is also a good option for developing a community website, for which comes with a bundle of community software, such as Elgg, BoonEx Dolphin, SocialEngine, etc.

Application Hosting Benefits

Application hosting is not only convenient for consumers but also profitable for web hosting providers. With application hosting, the customer base shall be extended rapidly as many people can easily start their own web without any knowledge on technology or internet marketing. Take China as an example. With 1.3 billion people, China is a huge web hosting market. Now only a few Chinese have their own websites because lack of knowledge about hosting and running websites, however there are many people have the intention to make money online. But if application hosting is properly designed and advertised, I personally cannot imagine and estimate how large the potential market there.

The significant benefit of application hosting is to resolve the nature requirement of consumers, it's straight forward and easy-to-use. It can simplify the thinking process of customers on choosing a web host. In the future, if a customer desires to have a blog, he (she) only needs to pay for the service then start to write immediately. In this case, he (she) can save a lot of energy and time from the current deciding progress, as following,
  1. have desire for a blog
  2. look for a software for blogging
  3. research the web hosting features required by the blogging software
  4. look for a web host meets the requirement
  5. sign up
  6. upload & install the blogging software

Looking for Application Hosting

By now, many web hosts have launched application hosting but most of them are limited to create the landing pages for advertising that their web hosts support the kind of user demand. There is nearly no a comprehensive web host converts the mind and fully integrates software with the web hosting, which allows customers on their business immediately after signing up.

The top 5 companies above are only a few of a large number of web hosts provide the specific application hosting solutions, such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Blog, eCommerce, etc.