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Founded in 2001, ANHosting has been providing hosting service for more than 10 years. Developed from a basement office in Providence, UT, the company now prides itself in hosting over one million domains around the world. Moreover, ANHosting promises to enhance the quality of its services and provide affordable hosting packages, starting at $1.77/mo, in order to make ANHosting products available to more people.

Although the company claims that it has achieved immense development in recent few years, many people are not familiar with this web hosting provider. Actually, ANHosting is now taken over by UK2 Group, a British-based hosting provider. Recently, the company is intended to change its name as MidPhase, another brand under UK2 Group, which arises a lot of confusion.

What makes many people disappointed is that ANHosting fails to keep its money-back promise. Although ANHosting provides a 30-day refund policy as many hosting companies, clients point out that many hidden fees like domain registration, transfer, and renewal costs are deducted from the refund, which means people cannot get a full refund when asking for their money back.

Based on the analysis above, we sincerely suggest that people read the detailed information about ANHosting service when they are considering to choose an ANHosting plan and think twice before buying.
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Editorial Review

ANHosting Speed Review 2.50 of 5

ANHosting promises to utilize quality servers and multiple network carriers, which is critical for the speed of websites. Besides, the company is now under the management of UK2 Group and claims to adapt world-class technologies to improve the performance of speed.

However, according to many reviews and comments, we find that the real speed performance of ANHosting still makes many people unsatisfied. Since the company has its data center built in Utah, the west part of America, and no CDN is available, which is quite unfavorable for users in faraway places.

ANHosting Reliability Review 3.00 of 5

As we have mentioned, ANHosting has a c7 data center in UT. And this data center is claimed to be equipped with redundant power sources and canopy cooling system, which is intended to maintain the stability of the company’s hosting service. Besides, the company promises to offer a 24-hour monitoring of its datacenter.

Admittedly, the majority of users give positive reviews in terms of ANHosting’s reliability. Although the company indeed keeps a relatively good record in the past few years, an increasing number of people complain that they are troubled by downtime more often than ever.

ANHosting Feature Review 3.00 of 5

Apart from the other three hosting plans provided in MidPhase website, ANHosting provides a hosting package called Unlimited Web Hosting which covers unlimited features like hosting space, monthly bandwidth, and MySQL databases. And the plan also provides access to Drupal, WordPress, and Joomla.

Nevertheless, ANHosting only offers Linux web hosting which means Windows users have no choice but to look for another hosting provider. And clients are actually required to pay $10.99 per year for domain registration which is said to be free.

ANHosting Technical Support Review 2.50 of 5

ANHosting promises that devoted staffs are always online whenever people have any technical problems. Moreover, the company claims to ensure the availability of its communication channels, including phone, live chat, and Email.

Yet, there are many negative comments on the technical support of ANHosting in recent few years. When some people enter ANHosting’s home page and click Chat Live, they are led to a page with no response at all. This makes many people doubt about the promise made by this company. As the result of the low efficiency of ANHosting’s technical support, users usually have no idea where to find the practical solutions.