Alentus Review, Rating & Secret Unveiled 2018

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Alentus is a Canada-based publicly traded web hosting company that offers shared web hosting, SharePoint 2010 hosting, WordPress hosting, reseller hosting, dedicated servers and email services. Currently, the company is most famous for the Windows web hosting service.

Getting started in 1997, Alentus is now headquartered in California, with several secondary offices in Columbus, Ohio, Austin, Texas and London. Besides, it operates two data centers in Canada (Edmonton, Alberta) and the US (Columbus, Ohio) respectively to serve more customers. Backed by these facilities and a team of experts, the company claims to provide affordable prices and unmatched technical support.

Despite the fancy information, Alentus has not received a high customer satisfaction rate. Most of the user reviews we have read include 2 out of 5 stars or even lower ratings for the company's technical support and service value. In fact, Alentus is far away from being the best Windows hosting provider. The reasons are detailed in the reviews below.
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Alentus Speed Review 2.50 of 5

Both of Alentus data centers are custom built for high performance. The hardware purchased from brands like Dell and Cisco makes sure the minimum hardware failure, and the 24x7 monitoring gets most of the occasional server and networking issues addressed in time before they become serious.

These are good for keeping Alentus web hosting services stable. However, this company has not stretched out for more new technologies that contribute to even faster speed, such as SSD drives and content delivery network.

According to expert monitoring, the speed of Alentus server responses and page loads is good, but it is not excellent. Below are some records of the server response speed.

Alentus Server Response Speed

Alentus Reliability Review 2.50 of 5

Alentus is confident enough to guarantee 99.999% network uptime even for the Windows web hosting service. If the guarantee fails in a certain month, you can contact the company and request a refund of 5% of the month's hosting fee in the form of credit.

To be honest, Alentus has maintained a reliable network. Powered by Cisco gear, the network features full redundancy with multiple carriers routed across BGP4, multi-gigabit burstable circuits, and a constant monitoring and notification system. Besides, the company can guarantee the power consistency by offering UPS systems and redundant backup power supply.

Although Alentus does not guarantee the uptime of the overall service, it actually delivers over 99.9% uptime on average for Windows web hosting.

Alentus Uptime

However, the email delivery is not as reliable as the web hosting service, according to many Alentus users. This web host has frequent email issues, and sometimes, your emails could just vanish without reaching where they should be, which causes terrible troubles for communications through email.

Alentus Technical Support Review 1.50 of 5

All the common support methods, including phone, tickets and live chat, are available with Alentus. Also, there is a knowledgebase and a community which enable the company's customers to seek solutions to their problems without contacting the support team directly.

However, you should not expect much from Alentus technical support because:
  • The responses to tickets are very slow. After submitting a ticket, you can receive an automatically generated message immediately, but you might wait days for a real reply from the support team.
  • Technical support is available during business hours only: 9AM to 6PM MDT from Monday to Friday.
  • Sometimes even during the business hours, you may not be able to use the live chat support. Instead of getting a staff chatting about your issue, you will be asked to open a ticket after clicking on the live chat entry.
  • The user community is inactive. Only several threads are included, none of which comes with a reply.

Alentus Windows Hosting Pricing & Refund 2.50 of 5

Alentus provides 4 Windows web hosting plans named Value.NET, Premier.NET, Professional.NET and Enterprise.NET which include different amounts of server resources.

All the plans come with two billing options including quarterly and annually. Even though there is a 10% discount for annual billing, the plans are expensive indeed when the features are considered. Below are the prices of the plans.
  • Value.NET: $8.95/mo for annual term and $9.95/mo for quarterly term.
  • Premier.NET: $12.95/mo for annual term and $14.95/mo for quarterly term.
  • Professional.NET: $21.95/mo for annual term and $24.95/mo for quarterly term.
  • Enterprise.NET: $44.95/mo for annual term and $49.95/mo for quarterly term.
Regularly, Alentus charges $20 setup fee, but now it is carrying out a promotion to waive the fee for both billing cycles. The company does not offer any free domain or ads credits.

For the payments, Alentus accepts credit cards including MasterCard, Visa and American Express. Checks, wire transfers and purchase orders might be accepted, too. However, PayPal is not an option yet.

In terms of the refund policies, Alentus promises 30-day money back. Setup fees, maintenance fees and upgrade fees are non-refundable. For any account cancelled beyond the time limit, no refund is available.

Alentus Windows Hosting Features 2.00 of 5

Although Alentus Windows hosting plans are quite expensive compared with some affordable solutions, the server resources and features are limited. For example, Arvixe, a leading Windows web host, offers unlimited storage, bandwidth and email accounts at $3.5/mo, while Alentus provides 1.5 GB storage, 50 GB bandwidth and 50 email accounts at $8.95/mo.

You can see more about what Alentus plans include in below.
  • Value.NET: 1.5 GB web space, 0.5 GB email storage, 50 email accounts, 50 GB bandwidth and 2 FTP accounts.
  • Premier.NET: 3 GB web space, 2 GB email storage, 200 email accounts, 100 GB bandwidth and 5 FTP accounts.
  • Professional.NET: 5 GB web space, 5 GB email storage, 500 email accounts, 200 GB bandwidth and 5 FTP accounts.
  • Enterprise.NET: 10 GB web space, 10 GB email storage, 1000 email accounts, 500 GB bandwidth and 5 FTP accounts.
Alentus supports most of the Windows technologies that might be needed by customers, including ASP.NET, MySQL, MSSQL, FrontPage, PHP, Perl, CGI and ASP.NET AJAX. However, the limitations are still obvious.
  • Some features are outdated. For example, the company offers ASP.NET 2.0-4.0, while most modern providers already support the version 4.5.
  • MSSQL Server 2005/2008 charges an additional fee which starts from $9/mo. Newer versions like MSSQL 2012 and 2014 are not supported.
  • MySQL 5.0, although charging a minimum of $9/mo, may cause compatibility issues if the application you want to use has higher requirements on the database version.
  • Alentus offers a custom control panel but does not provide any description or demo for it.
  • The company does not make clear of some important features, such as the version of the Windows Server, the trust level, and the availability of isolated application pool.
  • No application installer is available. You can choose to install the scripts you need manually, or pay the hosting provider if you want the support team to deal with the installation for you.

Better Windows Hosting Options 4.50 of 5

Since Alentus is an expensive yet feature-limited Windows hosting option, we suggest you not to choose this company as your hosting provider, especially when you depend heavily on the emails offered by the web host for team communications.

In fact, there are many Windows hosting providers offering the latest features like MSSQL 2014, Windows Server 2012 and ASP.NET 4.5 at a low price which is less than $5/mo. For your reference, we have listed several of the excellent providers in below.