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A Small Orange
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A Small Orange is not among the most well-known names in the hosting industry, but it is certainly one of the fastest growing hosting companies. Founded in 2003 with a handful of employees, it now has more than 70 staff serving tens of thousands of clients around the globe.

The company offers all kinds of hosting solutions such as shared hosting, business hosting, reseller, cloud VPS and hybrid dedicated servers. Since the majority users are homegrown businesses with limited budgets, the company prices its products within an affordable range – the cheapest plan starts from $2.92/mo only.

However, many users are sharing bad hosting experience with this company such as dishonest price and slow speed. To figure out whether it is a truly reliable host, we have carefully reviewed its web hosting plans with a special focus on features, uptime, speed and technical support.
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Editorial Review

A Small Orange Speed Review 2.50 of 5

A Small Orange uses enterprise-class server hardware to arm the two date centers in Detroit and Dallas. In specific, the 68,000 square feet Dallas center features SSAE 16 SOC 1 audited facility, redundant HVAC with Liebert air handlers, 11.1 MW power capacity and 6 diesel generators standby, etc. The Detroit data center is much smaller equipped with 600 Amp Commercial utility power, a 300 KW diesel generator and N+1 redundancy.

The company further enhances the platform by employing the latest version of Intel Xeon E5 Dual Core processors and SSD disk drives. We've tested its speed with Pingdom, and to our surprise the server response time just averages 450ms, which is not as good as it boasts. The reasons remain to be investigated.

A Small Orange Reliability Review 2.50 of 5

A reliable host should always keep its price honest and services up. In this sense, A Small Orange is only half a reliable host. One the one hand, the company prices its product at an amazingly cheap price (less than $3/mo) and offers a 90-day money back guarantee to mitigate purchasing risks. This is good and should be credited because we haven't detected any scam in its price so far. Nevertheless, we'd still like to warn our readers of overselling risks.

On the other hand, the company fails to maintain the promised 99.9% uptime, which turns out to be a white lie at best. According to our research, A Small Orange services go down almost every week. For example, there was a serious downtime on September 13th, lasting for more than three hours from 18:05 PM to 21:23 PM as acknowledged by its own employee over their community forum. And this is not the only case because we've reviewed real customer feedbacks complaining about daily server downtime.

A Small Orange Feature Review 3.00 of 5

The company offers four shared hosting packages named as Tiny, Small, Medium and Large, each starting from 35/yr, $5/mo, $10/mo and $20/mo. All the plans come with limited disk space and storage. For example, Tiny plan includes 250 MB storage, 5 GB bandwidth, 1 primary domain, 3 parked domains and unlimited sub-domains, which are inadequate for hosting multiple websites or large-traffic websites. Tiny plan users are very likely to upgrade to the following plans for more resources.
  • Small: 1 GB storage, 20 GB bandwidth, unlimited domains and sub-domains;
  • Medium: 5GB storage, 100 GB bandwidth, unlimited domains and sub-domains;
  • Large: 15 GB storage, 300 GB bandwidth, unlimited domains and sub-domains.

Except for differences in basic resources, the four plans all offer unlimited mail accounts, MySQL databases, mailing lists, sub-domains, FTP accounts and cPanel integrated with Softaculous. Script support such as PHP, Perl, Python and Ruby on Rails is all ready. Generally speaking, A Small Orange hosting features meet common hosting demands but by no means outstanding.

A Small Orange Technical Support Review 2.50 of 5

A Small Orange customers can ask for official help through email and live chat whenever they need. Besides, they can also search for information or initiate a discussion on the company's forums or official blog. The information in their community forum is up to date and quite helpful.

Not that the company excludes telephone as a major support channel. This is undoubtedly an obvious weakness compared with its strong competitors such as InMotion Hosting or Arvixe. Pity for A Small Orange customers for not having such a convenient and efficient way to get their problems resolved.