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3Essentials is a cloud hosting provider that focuses on helping small businesses succeed online. It is claimed that the company was established early in 2001, but after nearly 14 years' development, 3Essentials is still relatively small with no more than 10,000 hosted websites.

In terms of cloud, the complete product line includes ASP.NET cloud, LAMP cloud, WordPress cloud, and pure cloud servers with no operating system pre-configured. 3Essentials also offers other services like business email hosting, SSL certificates and dedicated servers.

3Essentials has developed a special tool named Cloud Distros for cloud users who want to design their own servers within the least possible time. There are multiple server stacks included in the tool for choosing, including LAMP, WASI and PHP cloud. If the combination you want is not covered, you can ask the sales representatives to build one for you.

3Essentials runs two data centers located in Morrisville, NC and Dallas, TX respectively. For server hardware, the company uses products from Dell and Supermicro, and for network, it establishes Internet connections from 3 Tier 1 providers including Level(3) and AT&T.
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3Essentials Technical Support Review 2.00 of 5

When encountering issues with 3Essentials services, you can ask for technical support by submitting a ticket, giving a phone call or having an online chat. Tickets and chat support are available 24x7x365, while phone support is open during 9am – 5pm EST from Monday to Friday.

3Essentials offer both free and paid support. Free support covers basic technical issues and server monitoring. The support representatives mainly give you a solution by directing you to an article in the knowledgebase instead of discussing the issue in detail.

For issues like control panel upgrade, WordPress plugins, and operating system upgrade, you will have to use the paid support which is charged at $20 for every 15 minutes. To be honest, this fee is much too expensive for small businesses and low-traffic websites.

3Essentials Cloud Hosting Plans 3.00 of 5

3Essentials offers Linux cloud, Windows cloud and pure cloud servers to meet all kinds of demands. In below, there is brief information about every product.
  • LAMP cloud hosting
The servers in this package are pre-installed with CentOS, Apache, MySQL, Perl, PHP and Python. They are recommended to host WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and Magento. Altogether 4 plans are included: Pro 1G, Pro 3G, Plesk Reseller 4G and cPanel Reseller 4G. The name indicates the amount of RAM included in the plans.

With prices ranging from $14/mo to $60/mo, the plans are designed for different uses. Pro 1G is for hosting small websites while the others are suitable for medium sized websites. Except for cPanel Reseller 4G, all other plans use Plesk 12 as the control panel.

3Essentials LAMP Cloud Hosting
  • WordPress cloud hosting
This service is particularly designed for WordPress users. The 4 plans: Vision, Pro 1G, Pro 3G and Pro 4G, are priced at $14/mo, $20/mo, $32/mo and $56/mo. In fact, we do not suggest you to buy any of these plans as they are not really valuable with too limited available features. If you care about your business with WordPress, it would be better to try managed WordPress hosting.
  • ASP.NET cloud hosting
With the similar plan and pricing structure as LAMP cloud hosting, ASP.NET cloud hosting prepares users with Windows Server 2012 R2, IIS 8, MSSQL 2012, ASP.NET 2.0-4.5.1, PHP 5.5, and Plesk 12 control panel. Full Trust is allowed, too. Depending on the amount of RAM, disk storage, CPU cores and bandwidth, the price ranges from $16/mo to $60/mo.
  • Pure cloud servers
This package gives users more choices for server specifications, but it is solely designed for professionals who know deeply about the management and configuration of a server. The price for the servers seems affordable and reasonable, starting from $4/mo only, but software licenses charge additional fees.

3Essentials Advantages 2.50 of 5

  • SSD storage for all servers. 3Essentials uses Solid State Drives with RAID disk arrays on all servers, which guarantees fast data transaction and a high level of data safety.
  • Rich server management tools. The company offers a bundle of useful tools, such as Cloud Distros, Plesk, cPanel and server reboot control, which optimizes the user experience.

3Essentials Limitations 1.50 of 5

Besides the limited free support and expensive paid support, 3Essential also has the following limitations which you should consider before making the final decision.
  • Occasional big downtimes.
3Essentials guarantees 100% server and network uptime. Although this guarantee cannot be always fulfilled, generally speaking, the uptime records are good. However, earlier this year in February, the company shut down many servers for several days due to a location change, which irritated their users.

3Essentials Uptime
  • Potential extra fees for backups.
If you look at the feature set of all cloud servers, you can find that 3Essentials claims to offer backups for free. But you need to know that the company does not automatically backs up your server unless you ask them to do. In addition, some plans, especially the cheap ones, include limited backup and restore options. If you want more options, you have to contact the sales team for a purchase.
  • Restrictions for the money back guarantee.
3Essentials offers 30-day money back guarantee, which is favorable. However, in the case that you have already purchased a cloud server and used it for more than 30 days, you can never ask for a refund for this server as well as any other server you may buy in the future.